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Women’s Portrait

My woman portrait paintings page starts with the Countess Henrietta de Hoernle, whose portrait is permanently displayed at Palm Beach Regional College. At age 104, she had donated over $40M to Palm Beach County charities. The Countess and most of the other women on this page are the Honorees of our Portrait of a Woman Event, all Women Community Leaders and Philanthropists. In addition, there are displayed here two self-portraits I painted in younger days, both done in graphite, as well as some special private commissions. The framed young woman was an oil painting I did for a family so they could find their missing child, who had been abducted at 8 years old. I worked from a photo from the FBI Missing Person Bureau that aged her to her present age. I do hope that my adult rendering helped them to find her.

My fine art portraits of women are done in carefully selected colors, chosen to highlight their special strengths and emphasize their personalities. Woman portrait paintings are a joy to paint. I have found it to be a special privilege to capture the special warmth and charm of these dynamic women-. And, as a client once said, “I have NO WRINKLES!!!” That is because I work from the soul outward – as well as focusing on a person’s bone structure. A plastic surgeon I am not – BUT as a portrait artist I too have a unique gift that allows my subjects to show up at their very best!!

Please feel free to call or email me to discuss that special woman – be it a loved one, a woman worth honoring or an opportunity for you to celebrate yourself. A woman’s portrait painting is a thing of grace, beauty, and strength. It is always a privilege to be entrusted with your desire to capture the distinct qualities that make a particular woman unique.

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