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Children Portraits

Portraits of children are a special passion of mine!! Children grow up so very quickly and, before you know it, they are young adults and moving out of the house. A child’s oil portrait allows you to have access to that sweet and magical time – those special years when they were just so adorable and innocent you just felt like hugging them.

A painting is permanent – a treasure for you and a legacy for your children to pass down to their children.

Children’s oil portraits are created with a joyful spirit, and with a special love. For me personally, I am so grateful that I made the time to capture my son Justin at various stages of his life, so that now, when he is an adult living far away, I can feel his closeness in those unique moments caught on canvas in his oil portraits. The most recent oil portrait of Justin is now on the website in the men’s portrait section. Time flies.

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