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Welcome to Renée Plevy Studio!

Welcome to Renée Plevy Studio!

You’re going enjoy scrolling through the many portraits of significant individuals and important family pets from New York City, Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Jupiter , Wellington, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and beyond!

Portraits define those who are loved and respected.

The oil portraits above are commissioned works that are now in international, private or corporate portraits collections. When you visit the ‘Portraits Page’ – don’t miss the various sections, including Oil Paintings of Men, Portrait Paintings of Women, Portraits of Children, Family Portraits, and Pet Portraits. The ‘Portrait of a Woman’ heading shows the four years of this famous event and the 23 oil portraits of the Honorees. I’d be delighted to paint your own Mom’s portrait, your daughter’s portrait or perhaps your portrait to add to the page.

The ‘Gallery Page’ oil paintings are for sale.

It’s a pleasure and honor to be a portrait painting artist. : )When I paint, my clients know they’re in complete control over the process; from our first conversation to the final approval. I strive to capture that special smile, twinkle of an eye, and the unique turn of the head of each subject. And, as a client recently exclaimed, “I have no wrinkles!” That is because I work with the anatomy of a face – the cheekbones, jawline, and head shape to capture the timeless essence of each individual’s features.

Please feel free to call me with any ideas or questions you have! You’ll proudly display your portraits on your wall, as will your children and their children. An individual’s portrait is the ultimate legacy for important family members.

Your painting can also be made into large decorative murals, notecards, websites, business cards and even tile boxes.

A recent client desired a life-sized mural of Mickey Mantle for her husband’s office as a surprise – WOW! Her gift was a fabulous success – he totally loved it! Another surprise gift from one of my clients was a giclee of her husband’s pet portrait; a 5’ x 3’ wall hanging over their dining room buffet! Portraits are the perfect gift for those you love; including your horses, pet dogs and cats.

It has been my privilege to work with wonderful clients, both corporate and private, creating unique gifts honoring or showing a special love for another person. My art has been exhibited in New York City, New Jersey, Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Jupiter, Wellington, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale.

While in New York City, I was a part of the art scene with my art studio at 41 Union Square. I was an active member of New York Artist Equity – and worked on Mayor Ed Koch’s portrait.

In Palm Beach County, Florida, I painted 23 woman community leaders who were honored at our four “Portrait of a Woman” Luncheons, which I founded and organized. $150,000 was raised for Quantum House, our chosen charity.

Capturing the soul of a person or pet has been my gift. My expertise is using color and all the tools that I have acquired over the many years of pursuing my craft as a portrait painting artist, as well as having studied under the tutelage of the most highly acclaimed international portrait artists. I have used this expertise for clients up and down the Eastern Seaboard.

Pet portraits are also a specialty of mine. I am a pet lover and the current owner of both a Boston terrier and a Tiger cat. Having raised rabbits, ducks, chicks, birds, Guinea pigs, and even fish — I have come to know, appreciate and reflect their special personalities on canvas.

I look forward to capturing your soul or someone you love on canvas too. I promise it will be the ultimate gift for the ages.

Kindest regards in art,

PS. I do love painting horses, but never got my pony!

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