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Pet Portraits

Pet portraits are a specialty of mine. As a pet lover, I enjoy capturing their unique personalities, their playfulness, their souls. When I do an oil pet portrait – if possible, I like to play with your pet first, take some photos and then decide with you which shot would be best use as the primary image for the painting. The advantage of having multiple photos is that I can continue to draw on the various images to capture more of your pet’s character.

My oil paintings of pets can be dog portrait paintings, portraits of cats, horse portraits, and I’ve done birds as well. So far I have painted up to four dogs in a painting, and a potential client of mine keeps asking about having 8 in a pet portrait!!

My oil portrait of “Ben and Jazz” has been made into an adorable video which shows how I actually paint a portrait. A MUST SEE!

I have a special understanding and love of pets – currently being the proud mom of a 6 year old tiger cat Bernie – who has been in the Palm Beach Daily News twice. And now there is also my new baby – Zoie, my Boston terrier puppy. Soon they will be seen together in the local newspaper with a photo of Zoe and Bernie hugging each other. Thank you Paulette Noble for the articles in the Palm Beach Shiny Sheet!!

I would love to hear from you about your precious pet so that we can discuss the perfect pet portrait to meet your needs.

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