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This “Gallery” is an exhibit of a variety of my paintings – Oil Paintings, Gouaches, and Acrylics. These paintings are mostly on canvas, as well as tile boxes done from Giclees of my original paintings. As you can see – they are of different sizes (indicated on each of the photos of the paintings).

These are exceptional paintings that I have created throughout my 40+ years as a professional artist. Some of the works date back to the 1980s when I had my studio in New York City –the prestigious artist building at 41 Union Square. Some of the paintings were from my studio in New Jersey, and finally I have included in this “Gallery” my more current paintings from my Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Miami markets.

All are for sale. If you are interested in a particular piece – feel free to call.

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Hi, this is Renee Plevy.
I’m looking forward to speaking with you. You’ll like that I’m running a special offer during Covid!

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